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Sustainability & Climate Change

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Whether or not your company is regulated for greenhouse gas (GHG) or carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, issues associated with sustainability and climate change are impacting your business today and will impact it more tomorrow. Liebman & Associates (L&A) can help you navigate and manage your risk in this rapidly evolving environment. L&A can help you reduce technology and best practice implementation risks by leveraging federal technical and financial support with grants valued at 50% to 80% of project costs.

Companies are being judged on their commitment to sustainability which includes energy use reductions, life-cycle product development and disposal, and greenhouse gas reduction programs. Sustainability is a new metric being used by corporate procurement executives. For more than a decade, L&A has been exclusively dedicated to helping corporations work with the government on leading cleantech and sustainability projects.

Why should you care?

  • Customers care - many are implementing new supply chain requirements and future sales may be directly linked to environmental performance. Sustainability and climate change offer new business paradigms and will lead to massive financial investments from the government and the private sector, driving the emergence of new products and services;
  • Shareholders care - as reflected by new corporate resolutions and stock valuation impacts. The largest companies in the nation and world are developing models to weigh market risks associated with climate change and the most strategic are developing pathways to new and greater revenues; and
  • Wall Street cares - financial institutions are investing in "carbon-light" companies and investment funds. Carbon markets are rapidly emerging and some predict carbon will become the largest commodity market and possibly the world's biggest market overall.

L&A has supported its clients in the development and implementation of corporate responsibility plans that address carbon footprint, natural resource use, socially and environmentally sound supply chains and the life-cycle environmental impact of products and services. L&A clients are industry leaders in measureable environmental goals. L&A has also been instrumental in facilitating the development and implementation of corporate-wide, cross-functional teams with upper management engagement to specifically address energy management issues across facilities, buildings, stores, data centers, vehicle fleets and supply chain management. L&A has also supported these efforts through the creation of research and development partnerships with federal and state governments as well as with the Department of Energy's National Laboratories. These have enabled new and clean energy technologies to be developed, tested and deployed around the U.S. with best practices shared across the industry.

On the demand side of our energy economy, energy is consumed primarily in three sectors - buildings, transportation and industry. Energy use in the industrial sector primarily goes into the creation of products and materials that are then used in consumer goods, buildings, and transportation. Energy consumption in the industrial sector, therefore, is embedded in the materials and goods that are produced and used in other parts of our economy.

Why should you act today? State and federal governments are offering tax incentives and financial grants to improve ROI for clean energy technology utilization. Many of these technologies simultaneously improve overall manufacturing and product development performance. L&A support can allow your company to secure new and clean technologies that improve performance and competitiveness, but for 50% to 80% less money.

Ask L&A to show you how.

Dare to ask, "What if..."


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