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  • Renewable Energy Lobbyists | Cleantech Government Relations
    Our Team
    Murray Liebman founded Liebman & Associates in 1997 to provide clean energy and environmental policy and technology counsel to business enterprises large and small.
  • Our Proposition
    Renewable energy lobbyist Liebman & Associates focuses on cleantech energy and environmental government relations and federal grants for clean green sustainable power.
  • Advanced Materials
    Liebman & Associates can help you garner government agency investment in research, development, demonstration and deployment (RDD&D) of advanced materials.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Liebman & Associates brings energy efficiency to your business by leveraging resources and technologies available from both the federal government and private sector.
  • Renewable Energy
    Liebman & Associates can help you obtain state and federal government grants for the research, development, demonstration and deployment (RDD&D) of renewable energy technology.
  • Power Systems
    L&A can show you how to eliminate or defer the need for new transmission and distribution capacity, reduce congestion and use biopower as a bridge from a fossil energy to sustainable power.
  • Alternative Fuels & Electric Vehicles
    Biomass can be converted directly into liquid fuels (biofuels) such as ethanol, biobutanol and biodiesel as drop-in infrastructure-compatible renewable substitutes for gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.
  • Optimized Power Grid
    An optimized electricity grid is essential for reducing greenhouse gases, deploying clean renewable energy sources, reducing power consumption and protecting critical infrastructure.
  • Sustainability & Climate Change
    For more than a decade Liebman & Associates has been helping corporations work with the government on leading cleantech environmental and sustainability energy projects.
  • Contact Us
    Contact the renewable energy lobbyists at Liebman & Associates for government relations consulting, cleantech energy advocacy and assistance with federal grants and other resources.
  • Privacy Policy
    Liebman & Associates respects our government relations clients' right to privacy online. We hold your detailed energy and environmental project information in confidence.
  • Legal Disclaimer
    The cleantech energy lobbyists at Liebman & Associates invite their federal and state government relations clients to use the resources of this website subject to these disclaimers and terms of use.
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    Liebman & Associates makes it easy to place a link to on your website: For a text or graphic link, copy and paste this HTML code snippet into your home page.
  • Tag Cloud
    This semantic tag cloud includes advanced materials, energy efficiency, renewable energy, power systems, alternative fuels and vehicles, modern optimized power grid and clean green sustainability.
  • Acknowledgements
    The cleantech energy advocates at Liebman & Associates like to give credit where credit is due and acknowledge content and technology contributors.
  • Home Page
    Renewable Energy Lobbyists: Cleantech Government Relations Lobbying: Federal grants lobbyist for clean green sustainable power, lobby resource for solar, biofuel, electric vehicles.
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